Monday, August 3, 2009


With no task on hand and lots of time to kill I, twiddled with the Blogger buzz instead of my thumb. And I tumbled upon a strange name, Lijit. For once, I confused the name with a brand of papadum produced in India called Lijjath. Could it be that the Google clan added papadums to their favourite list of delicacies? The veil mystery soon lifted when I clicked on the link. So, this is where I met Lijit and a promise of a love at first sight (first bite had it been papadum) looked imminent.

When the rush of initial infatuation ebbed, popped up the question of credibility. Could I blindly chase this dame called Lijit? What if she stealthily placed a malware into my liver or intestine and robbed me blind? The clincher was when I found that Ms Lijit was related to Mr Google. And I trust anyone who is a relative of Mr Google. So the alliance was sealed.

As my association with Ms Lijit grew, I found that she was not one of those run-of-the-mill 'Search and analytics' gals. She had created a special niche for herself that was unique(date her and find out, I don't mind) in a world of wannabe pundits. She surprised me with her special body feature called 'Surprise me.' She surprised me even more when the 'Surprise Me' disappeared from her widget. Despite that, my torrid affair with Ms Lijit went on until Mr Internet Explorer(IE) tried to separate a couple of love-birds with a few barbs. It was only later that I realised that Mr I. E. did nothing wrong. Nor was Ms Lijit was to be blamed. Confused? Let me explain.

On a fine sunny morning as I logged onto Blogger, Mr I. E. started sending messages such as 'I. E. can not open this page' or 'some element in the page is forcing IE to shut down' and so on. At this stage, I must confess that I was also dating a few Ms Portals whose widgets I was carrying on my page. Who was the disloyal paramour? Who was the unfaithful? I was in a tizzy. As a result I deleted all Ms Widgets from the pages of my (blog)life.

That night Ms Lijit appeared in my dream pleading her innocence. "Why do you suspect me when you know that I am Mr Google's relative? What price for my fidelity?" she exhorted. In the middle of the night I got up and re-installed her into my life. And I was right in doing so. For over the next week I was able to zero in on the true 'culprit' who was summarily dismissed from my scheme of things. I will not disclose her name, for, even a hooker has a right to privacy.

As of now, my affair with Ms Lijit has moved on to an even keel. The brief separation had taught me how much I missed her. And I am trying to understand her better. For, being a rookie, I am yet to find the different facets of Ms Lijit. I hope, with a bit of effort and some inputs from her parents I will be able to better fathom the depths of her possibilities.

One last word to you all. Date Ms Lijit. And whenever you find any thing interesting about her, send me a line.

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Tarable said...

Thanks for your entertaining entry into our Lijit contest. We appreciate your humor.

We'll be announcing the winner of our storytelling contest tomorrow so stay tuned for more details...