Thursday, July 29, 2010


Which is the most flexible part of human anatomy? The tongue, of course. For, it can wriggle like an earthworm with bellyache, lash out like a whip, roll like a porpoise, twist like a well-cooked vermicelli, wag faster than a tail of courting lapdog and dance with agility that can make Michael Jackson look like someone who is taking correspondence course in dancing, having just reached the third lesson.
Besides, the tongue is stronger than the teeth, because it can heap choice abuses on a passing desperado thereby vastly improving the chances of one's teeth being displaced out of their sockets. Therefore the the tongue is that errant member which, more often than not, needs reining in. If people are unwilling to hear you, better it is to hold your tongue than them. So, teach your child to hold his tongue, he will learn fast enough to speak.
The tongue can make and mar men and their empires. Someone with a silver tongue can sell goggles to a blind man (or ice-cream to an Eskimo), while the one with evil tongue may get bitten by sanest and mildest of poodles. A sharp tongue is a guaranteed means of supplying you with enemies in their dozens. In fact, a sharp tongue is the only edged tool that grows sharper with constant use!


There was a neighbour of ours whom we called 'Mr Sharp Tongue' for his harsh and angry talk. My 8-year-old son was quite perplexed about the reason behind that nick-name. That was until one day he came up and triumphantly announced, "Papa, now I know why you call the uncle Mr Sharp Tongue. This morning, soon after he brushed his teeth, I saw him sharpening hid tongue with a plastic strip!"


Once a chemistry professor asked one of his students to name certain chemical compound. The student racked his brain for some time and then said, "I know the answer, sir. It's on the tip of my tongue and I can't get it out." To which the professor said with a wry smile, "In that case get it out fast and certainly don't swallow it. Because the compound happens to be Potassium Cyanide."
To be continued in the next post A Tongue Of The Slip

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