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(Continued from last post Lucky's Salad Days)

Lucky often got into a spell of benevolent musings(thinking of some sweet young thing) that gave him an effervescent desire to pat the humanity on the back in explicit camaraderie and under the spell of such bonhomie, he turned a great philanthropist doing good turns to many a puzzled fellowmen; things like giving a fiver to a beggar(when, in fact, he had six bucks in his pocket) or helping an old man climb on to a bus(which eventually he would miss).

Lucky The Pious

At sixteen, Lucky turned deeply religious. He frequented temples and churches regularly in order to worship the gods, a ruse he devised to meet young goddesses. As his 'religious fervour' grew in intensity, his itinerary brimmed with visits to temple fairs and church feasts.He became a permanent fixture at all religious processions patronised by the female of the species in their hordes. Yet, all his piety gained him a zilch. But even God could not withhold His benedictions for long.

And At Last..

For every animal that grazes the meadow, God always provides some grass earmarked for that animal, a cluster of grass that beckons to be grazed. Lucky couldn't have been an exception to this divine edict. After scores of snubbing and the brusheroos from the lassdom of this world, there came the moment of truth when Lucky was presented with the prospect of meeting some loved one behind the rhododendron bushes at a pre-appointed time. Lucky conducted elaborate solo dress rehearsals to churn out flowery monologues only to botch up the lines at the grand finale that turned the rendezvous into an unmitigated disaster! Later lucky bitterly complained that girl had no heart, knowing all the time that she had in fact two, one of which was Lucky's that she had stolen.

Lucky Mosquitoed!

But my search for a rational explanation for Lucky's abortive forays into the realm of courtship bore fruit when a scientific study revealed that Pheromone, a hormone-induced chemical substance secreted into ones skin, when present in adequate quantity, made one highly desirable not only to the opposite sex but also to mosquitoes on their blood-sucking binges.

If my memory serves me right, Lucky was never bothered by mosquitoes in his youth and he often bragged that he was a mosquito repellent in human shape!

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